Our house in Westerheim

The human being at the centre

At the centre of our home in Westerheim - as well as of all our work at Sonnenhalde - is the person with his or her very own abilities, wishes and needs. Following this guiding principle, we also work in Westerheim on and with our human-oriented care guiding principle, so that you can feel at home with us.

The house - a home

At the same time, our house is a meeting place: There are many contact rooms such as our cafeteria, tea kitchens, a large terrace or common living areas. Likewise, the spacious and bright single and double rooms offer individually designable living space for the people who entrust themselves to us.

The rooms have different layouts that allow for different living concepts: be it the classic arrangement in a single room or in a double room with separate sleeping and living areas or with shared anterooms.

Living with service

From menu service, night care, short-term care to long-term care and the protected area for dementia patients, we offer you a wide range of services in Westerheim. We would be pleased if you got in touch with us to find out even more about our work and our house in Westerheim.

Our Westerheim advisory team is happy to provide you with advice and assistance:

Servicehaus Sonnenhalde
Pflegeheim Westerheim
Daußhalde 2
72589 Westerheim
Tel.: 07333 / 92563-0
Fax: 07333 / 92563-221  
E-Mail: service(at)servicehaus-sonnenhalde.de

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How to find us in Westerheim:

Servicehaus Sonnenhalde

Keltenstraße 10

72829 Engstingen


+49 7129 9379 0